Demos and Examples

NOTE: We're currently switching from one content pipeline to another. Therefore most of these demos are only designed for the older software and are being progressively converted to work on the new software. You will see what version it works on at the end of the name. Ones without versions have not yet been tested and may only work with older software such as v1.2 but probably work on v1.3 and will not work on v1.5.

Interactive 3D Demos

(Contact us for demos in 2011 prior to v1.5's public release)

IMML Samples

The following samples demonstrate some of the more diverse things you can accomplish with IMML:

IMML Examples for 1.3


View screenshots created in VastPark

VastPark on Flickr: These screenshots represent work done but only hint at the full potential of the platform. You can achieve what you want on the platform.


View videos created about VastPark

A wide mix of tutorials, developer technology tests and general video captures. If you don't find a video relevant to what you're looking for, let us know so we can add it to our list of to-dos.

Video demos: