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Video introduction

We've created a number of video tutorials that provide a basic introduction to the VastWorlds Platform.

Specific videos

Tutorials: Getting content inworld and online

Learn about our Collada based content pipeline.

Video tutorials:

  1. Export from your preferred 3D design tool
  2. VastPark Creator tool - Import Collada and Publish for use
  3. VastPark Creator tool - Adding physics and multi-user avatars
  4. Installing WorldServer Developer Edition and Hosting Virtual Worlds

Moving your content from 3rd party tools to Collada

Collada to Imml pipeline

Collada into VastPark Creator and publishing a virtual world

Hosting virtual worlds.

Tutorial series: Virtual Worlds Made Easy

Learn about the VastPark platform by following a set of tutorials:

Tutorials for 1.3 Tutorials for 1.5+ Advanced Tutorials
Create your first Virtual World Scripting Buttons Adding physics and multi-user avatars
Adding animations Adding and Scripting Video Timelines
Build your own maze Creating a WebDock Scripting a seat
Scripting collision events Backgrounds
Publishing your own models
Publishing a skybox

Tutorials: Models in IMML

Learn about using models on the VastPark platform:

Understanding Models
Animation and Avatars Textures Shaders
LIXA Texture Guidelines Shaders and IMML
Animation and LIXA Textures and IMML
Creating Custom Avatars Photoshop to DDS
Avatar Controller Understanding MaterialGroups

Tutorials: Video in IMML

Want more information? Look in Advanced topics for developers